Finding Solace.


This goes out for a woman of substance, endurance and patience. A woman, who is an exception in a society where we dwell. Her heart radiates compassion, hope, unprecedented faith and a-next-level optimism. I have seen her rising from the rough patches, juggling between her struggles, breaking down, rebuilding, but never giving up. I am a witness of her struggles and her share of challenges. Challenge to raise a very special child. The fall is known to teach grave lessons of humility, and she has bulk of it in her. And that just keeps adding worth to her grace with every moment of growth.

This woman has borne me for nine stretched months, with pain, difficulty, and distress. But never once complained. Her first child is a very special one. Believe me. Very special. A disability doesn’t make one special. Your faith to fight it each day and not letting it overpower you, makes you one! Dealing with your special child and handling another pregnancy with courage and faith is honestly a reflection of a very firm faith. It takes courage to stay strong. She has instilled this faith in her head and she convinces herself everyday that it will just get better. And eventually it will.

Thank you Mom for being the best version of yourself. Thank you for those prayers that became our shield. Thank you for the unconditional love that has strengthened us, empowered us and made us who we are today. Sometimes when I give a thought over your share of challenges, it numbs me for a while. Raising children is tough. And you have managed to raise four of us. When I look at myself and my way of parenting, I end up very unsure where my slipshod parenting would lead to. But one thing saves me from self-pitying, and that is to have faith. The language of heart, which you taught us.


*Stands in applause*

This is to the most compassionate mother. This is to her for staying steadfast in her belief system. This is to her faith. This is to her patience.

My heart goes out to all such special souls and their incredibly amazing parents for staying steadfast. For simply not giving up on your special ones. And a little note to those who belittle such special souls and their abilities. Having a child with some sort of disability isn’t a sign of weakness or a curse that grants you the eligibility to look down upon a child or their family. But people can be that unkind and inconsiderate. Be considerate. Please. They are battling with the world, their thoughts every single moment. Your words of consolation and consideration can help them fight it off with resilience.

How my mom has managed to stay optimistic about all of this is certainly a mystery that I can never unravel, maybe! But the only secret ingredient she shares is, faith. It can move mountains. She swears. She has found her solace in faith. In not giving up. In staying steadfast. She believes it was all meant to be like this. Written. Destined. And it just happened. But happened for a greater reason. One of the reason that I can figure out, of the several greater reasons is, it made her more grateful, more patient, tolerant and eventually an amazing human. One of her kind.

After becoming a mother, I have learnt to connect with her in more ways than one. I can feel the ache of all such parents who are struggling with a child with some sort of disability. We, parents, have our weakness and strength in our children, which pretty much complicates the whole perspective. But here comes in to play the role of faith. ‘This too shall pass’ kind of faith. Unprecedented faith. That compels you to hang in there. Fight till the end. And never let lose the power of faith. And know what, faith always takes the lead. It always wins. Always.

To all those heart-wrecked moms out there, hang in there lovelies. The battle won’t last long. You just have to stick around. Stand in this battlefield with courage. Face the two faces of the world, the beautiful and the brutal, with faith, and courage. Drag your faith to its peak and witness the miracles unfolding.

May the odds be in your favor.

Much love and prayers.

(This post was intended for the World Autism Awareness Day. But I have generalized it keeping in consideration the special children of our society)



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